Kwai Property


The Kwai property straddles the Pakwash Lake fault, and is underlain by English River metasediments to the south and Uchi subprovince (Red Lake belt) mafic volcanics and a granitoid intrusive to the north.

The local geology at both Kwai and SLF fits the model for the style of mineralization found at the Eleonore deposit of Goldcorp in northern Quebec (total reserves and resources of 35,220,000 tonnes at 6.3 g/T Au), where mineralization occurs in polydeformed sedimentary rocks near a subprovince boundary and near a quartz diorite stock.There is also potential for volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization in this area.

On their Kwai Property, Golden Goliath is focused on identifying and delineating Archean-aged orogenic gold deposits (Groves et al., 1998). Following Kerrich et al. (2000), orogenic gold deposits are typically associated with crustal-scale fault structures, although the most abundant gold mineralization is hosted by lower-order splays from these major structures. Deposition of gold is generally syn-kinematic, syn- to post-peak metamorphism and is largely restricted to the brittle-ductile transition zone. Host rocks are highly variable, but typically include mafic and ultramafic volcanic rocks, banded iron formation, sedimentary rocks and rarely granitoids.

The previous work on the Kwai Property has indicated the presence of elevated, or anomalous, gold values within a foliated granodiorite with quartz veins and fractures, +/- pyrite mineralization, with the Kwai Showing being the main gold occurrence. Two channel samples from the south and north ends of the trench at the Kwai Showing contained 662 ppb Au and 468 ppb Au over 1m respectively (Render et al. 2010). This mineralization is located approximately 1.6 km north of the interpreted location of the Pakwash Lake Fault, a major east‐west trending fault that is interpreted to splay from the Sydney Lake Fault zone, located south of the property. This area should be the main focus of future exploration by Golden Goliath.

If results warrant, selected targets should be drill tested with wide-spaced shallow holes to test for large-scale alteration and/or mineralization.

Red Lake Properties

New BTU discovery (VMS) plotted on regional magnetics showing the connection with the Kwai property grids.

BTU Pakwash Fault Trace with Geology

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Second Derivative Magnetics


Technical Report on the Kwai Property - March 1st, 2019 (PDF)

Corporate Presentation - Kwai: Hunting Giants in the Land of Giants ( PDF)

The Kwai property has exciting drill targets to be tested.

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