• GNG has the confidence of important Industry players (Sprott Asset Management owns 8.%; Agnico Eagle-Mines Ltd. owns 7.%; Agnico-Eagle Senior VP sits on GNG’s Board).
  • GNG controls the majority of an entire mining district with production dating back to 1700’s and 1800’s.
  • All but one of GNG’s claims are owned 100% with no payments to make.
  • GNG ‘s Corona property was optioned to Comstock Metals Ltd. several years ago, with Comstock earning a 60% interest and GNG is now proceeding with a 60/40 joint venture.
  • One of GNG’s largest properties (Nopalera) lies directly adjacent to an exciting new discovery by industry giant Fresnillo PLC called Orisyvo, which already has a resource of 9.8 million ounces of gold and 13 million ounces of silver. GNG’s property has similar geology and alteration and has yet to be diamond drilled. The discovery has also focussed the attention of the mining community to the district as many believe that Orisyvo will end up being the largest gold mine in Mexico.
  • The discovery and development of Orisyvo is causing extensive improvement to the local infrastructure, including the widening and paving of the 45 km road leading from the town to the interstate highway. These improvements will greatly benefit Golden Goliath at no cost to the company.


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