General Geology

The Uruachic mining camp is predominantly underlain by Tertiary volcanic rocks of the Lower Volcanic Series, cut locally by small intrusive bodies.  These rocks are highly favourable for hosting gold and silver mineralization, with an estimated 90% of the precious metal mines in the Sierra Madre Occidental occurring within this package.  Throughout most of the Sierra Madre, the Lower Volcanics are covered by the Upper Volcanics, a thick layer of rhyolitic tuffaceous rocks covering the underlying favourable rocks.   In the Uruachic area, however, the Rio Oteros has eroded the Upper Volcanics, exposing a complete section through the Lower Volcanics.  It is in these highly altered Lower Volcanics that the precious metal mineralization of the Uruachic camp is found.

Uruachic Camp

The Uruachic area is believed to be a nested volcanic caldera complex.  These are important structures for mineral exploration as many mines around the world, including mines in the Sierra Madre’s close to Golden Goliath’s property package are associated with volcanic calderas.

Uruachic Camp google earth

Location and Access

The town of Uruachic is located in the northwestern part of Chihuahua State, about 60 kilometres south of the main highway connecting the cities of Chihuahua and Hermosillo, Sonora.  A secondary road from the highway to Uruachic is currently being upgraded and paved. The geographic (Google Earth) coordinates for the town are   27° 52’ 06” North and 108° 12’ 52” West.